POSER Launch Party

Man. I hate planning parties. And after this one, I may never throw a party again. But it was so totally worth it, I can't even complain.

The entire time I was working on my book, I kept myself motivated by saying over and over, "There's gonna be a massive party, and I'm gonna have a massive cake." So when the time finally came to make good on my promise to myself, I knew I had to go all out.

I teamed up with the perfect venue, The Berkeley Church, and we worked for months to make sure every little detail was addressed and dealt with. Organization is my homeboy.

My awesome friend Trevor Haldenby took fantastic photos of the party! He is awesome and he really captured the night perfectly. It's like being there!

I couldn't put ALL of the party photos on the blog, because that would be crazy, but CLICK HERE to see the rest of Trevor's awesome party photos! Thanks Trevor!

If I were making an acceptance speech for the night, it would sound something like this...

Thank you to Fashion Crimes for dressing me up pretty! Thank you to Joanne Parks for my face and Jeff Saunders for my hair! Thanks to Andrew Smith and the Berkeley Church team for all your hard work and patience! And thank you to all the magnificent folks who helped on the night, hauled boxes, did tasks, came to the party, and existed in general! This speech is why I hope I never have to make a speech like this.

Acceptance speeches are cuter when you have a French accent...