Dog Blog

As those of you who frequent this blog already know, I have a cat. My cat is amazing and wonderful and I wouldn't trade him for anything, but the thing that makes him great is that he acts more like a dog than a cat! I love dogs. Dogs are good. There is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a big giant dog and wrestling it or getting your hands on that belly and just scratching it til that leg gets going... Man. Dogs are awesome.

I was asked to shoot a portrait of a friend's dog, Arthur. I hadn't really done studio dog portraits before, but why would I pass on a chance to hang out with a big doggy all day? I'd have to be crazy! Animal photography is very specific and very challenging. I'm not sure it is necessarily my favourite kind of photography to do, but it certainly makes for the most snuggles per shoot. Usually.

Like seriously!? Look how cute my day was!

I asked the inhabitants of Facebookland and Twitterworld to send me their favourite dog portraits! And here's what I ended up with! I honestly have no idea why I didn't do this sooner. Really? Getting cute doggy pictures emailed to me all day? How can you possibly stop smiling!

Maverick and Indiana Jones


Harry, Maude and Emma

Dogs in the park by Chris Cowper-Smith

Igby by Jason Krygier-Baum

Roman by Chris Cowper-Smith

My favourite dog ever, BOB!


Beamer by Andrew Erlich

This one is named Sandwich. Amazing.

And a true portrait, Daisy by painter Shelly Azeff

Thank you to everybody who sent in pictures! I'm sorry I couldn't use every picture I was sent, but don't fret! I'm saving them for Dog Blog Part Deux!

Arthur bids you good day!