Building Stuff: Part Two

Well, after completing the skeleton structure for our thing-a-ma-bob a few weeks ago, it was time to some fancy electrical wiring! How do I know how to do electrical wiring? Well, I don't! But here the basic rules! Fingers crossed!

Rule #1:
Try to keep track of your many, many wires

Rule #2:
Think up new uses for your label maker

Rule #3:
Dress up your exposed wires like Lady Gaga

Rule #4:
Have somebody trustworthy check your work

Rule #5:
Brace yourself and cross your fingers

Rule #6:
OMG! It works! Cough, not that I'm surprised

And finally...

Rule #7:
Cover up your mistakes with fondant

Oh wait, that's for cakes. Ok, just spray paint it!
It's done! It's built! Hooray!

Now. What is it? And what is it for?
Stay tuned...