Holy awesome crap!

As announced previously, POSER has been graciously accepted into the family of incredible books at TYPE Books, one of the most unique and amazing book store chains ever established.

I am so honoured to have my book in stores period, but to be supported by one of my favourite stores is really freaking exciting! Obviously I totally lurked the stores with my camera and took pictures (and made a scene) but it was all for the sake of blogging! You LOVE blogging!

Here is the book in the Forest Hill TYPE store! This was the first time I ever saw it in a real store! It was pretty amazing. There are PEOPLE in the store! They have to walk by my book! In the store!

This is the outside of the store!

Then the Queen West store put POSER in the window! Because they are AMAZING! WOAH! LOOKIT!

It gets to party with all sorts of other really pretty books!

And this is the store from across the street where I was stalking it! I mean, looking at it longingly from a non-creepy distance in a non-creepy manner.

In conclusion, POSER is now officially available in physical locations beyond the internets! So you can go there with your body and touch it! Visit TYPE Books in Forest Hill at 427 Spadina Road, or Queen Street at 883 Queen Street West.

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