If This Ain't Epic

This blog is over five years in the making...

How is that possible? Well. What you are about to see here, is the result of over five years of hoarding, collecting, searching, and obsessing. Over what?


Some of what you're about to see will be familiar, your old favourites. Some, well, quite frankly I'd be shocked if you'd ever seen.

This collection started many years ago when my brother and I noticed that every month or so, Reese was putting out a new and obscure variation on the famous peanut butter cup. We started to collect, and things clearly got out of hand. This collection has been in a Holt Renfrew bag under my bed for several years now, and it is time to share it with the world...


CLICK HERE to see an itemized photo essay of the entire collection, consisting of forty-five Reese products... Wow.