There Are No Words

There are no excuses for my poor blogging this month. Man. I mean, there ARE excuses! I was moving! It was my birthday! It's been a busy month! Geez, cut me some slack man!

Ok great, I feel better!

Well the month of October has come and almost gone. I moved and changed ages as you know, and now I am using this blog to fill in my ten blogs per month blog quota, and also to ramble a bit so it looks longer, and also to apologize for being such a shit blogstress this month. I'm going to go ahead and promise that next month will be full of interesting blogs all around... Let's see if I can keep that promise.

Also! I totally dropped the ball (yes, again) on my song guessing contest! The results were supposed to be up last Wednesday, the 27th, but now I am extending the contest one more week until the 3rd of November! Get those entries in!

Here are some pretty and colourful things that people sent me for my birthday!

I'd pretty much disregard this blog entry to be honest. Let's just say that last night I had a dream that a girl I went to high school with offered to buy me a pair of Louboutins if I managed to make a different variety of creamed corn each night for one full week. My head is in a scary place. Probably best I don't blog too much.


Til then...