Just Another Day At The Office

Some days are more eventful than others. I think we can all agree with that statement. Some days I sit at home, and some days I work for 12 hours on a fake beach beside a sugar factory in the rain with half a dozen girls dressed in tiny shorts.

This tale, is about the latter.

When it rains on a day you are shooting a TV show outside, things become more difficult automatically. The camera can't get wet, the actors can't get wet, the rest of the equipment can't get wet, and nobody likes being wet... And cold.
Common practice on rainy shoot days is to set up tents to protect the precious equipment... But tents... Only protect from water falling DOWNwards. Not water falling UP wards...?

I'm sorry, does that sound crazy? Not when a GEYSER unexpected erupts INSIDE the tent where ALL the equipment is trying to stay dry! WTF!?
The brave crew members fought the geyser and eventually managed to move all the equipment to a safer, less geysery spot. Everything got wet. Including everything. But I've never seen so many people on a crew laugh at once on a rainy day! So that was a plus. I also realized I may have written this blog a little prematurely.

Buddha was largely unimpressed. As per usual.