Take Your Puppy To Work Day

Seriously guys, today was one of the most rare days at work ever. The kind of day that people can only dream of, but that so rarely become reality. Today, a puppy came to work...

I know what you're thinking, I was doing puppy portraits, but NO! That's why this day was so special! I went into it thinking that it would a fun shoot with a great subject for a great magazine, and I was content with that. I think that's the trick, pretend you aren't thinking about puppies, and somebody will say, "Cait, do you think it would be OK if we brought some puppies to set?" Would that be OK!? Um, DUH!

So the puppies came to set. Oh man. Puppies.

This, is Lady!
But my best friend today, was Bug!
The thing about Bug, is that he's a puppy. And the thing about puppies, is that they don't stay still, because they are too busy being squirmy, perfect, fluffy, adorable, delicious puppies!

I can't EXACTLY tell you whose puppies they were, yet. But if you guessed, I'd tell you if you were right. But the good news is, the puppies AND their very talented owner will be on the cover of FAZE Magazine this fall! That's soon!

Stay tuned!
And please don't tell my cat...