Building Stuff: The Finale

Close your eyes and think back. Think back to a time when you were reading a blog about building stuff. A blog that had a first part, and then a second part, both about building stuff.

I know that since then, you've probably been holding your breath, wondering what the hell I was building, and what the hell it was for. Wait no longer! The answer is here!

Earlier this summer I was asked to be part of this year's Drawn To Develop photography exhibit and gala. D2D is a fantastic organization that raises money for Street Kids International.

The project was seriously fun. A group of photographers each get a drawing done by a street survivor, and reinterprets the drawing into a photograph. Then the photographs are put on display and auctioned off for the charity! How fun! A really cool way to get involved in a great cause AND do something fun and creative.

So for my photo I decided to build a structure, then put a little kid in it. Obviously having wired the light cage myself, I was fearful. I could only hope I wouldn't blow up the little kid, and guess what... I DIDN'T!

Here is the final structure in the studio, waiting for its debut!

Tried, tested and true! But for how long...

And this is the final product! Complete with little boy who was NOT blown up by me, and hopefully not too traumatized by being trapped in my light cage for 5 minutes. Don't worry, his very kind and understanding parents were present the whole time.

And here is the photo hanging at the exhibit! It sold!