I Got Shot

For the past few months I have had a really wicked assistant. He found me because he needed to work for somebody for school, and I was like heck yes, let's do this! Anyway, long story short, he's a wicked assistant/friend and I hope he's reading this so he continues to work with me even after he graduates from school and has the world start handing him opportunities...

Also guess what! He's talented! Not that this is surprising, since he's so rad. He had an assignment to take a portrait of the photographer he's been working with, so we made it happen, one fine day.
Dude. I really think this is a cool portrait, and I'm not just saying that because I look all cool and bad-ass and stuff.

In conclusion, thanks for the awesome portrait and for being an awesome friend/assistant! And congratulations on your impending graduation and please don't leave me!

Photo: Jeffrey Glaab (www.jeffglaab.com)
Makeup and Hair: Joanne Parks