Marty Millionaire

Have you ever been to Marty Millionaire?
For those of you who haven't had to go in there, consider yourselves lucky. It's a scary, scary, amazing, scary, amazingly scary place.

I recently had to spend an hour in Marty Millionaire in order to pick out some props to rent for a photo shoot. Marty's is actually amazing. They have every single kind of weird prop and piece of furniture you can dream up... All packed into a three storey blue building that smells like your grandmother's basement on meth.

After about 10 minutes in there your throat starts to close up and you think you are going to die if you can't get outside. But you CAN'T get outside because it's a maze and you've forgotten how to retrace your steps!Advice: If you have to go in there... Take breadcrumbs.