Say It With Cookies

Last week my team and I took on a pretty big shoot. It went awesomely. Big shoots require lots of talented crew, and sometimes you get lucky enough to have people offer to help you just because they think you're cool and think your project is rad. I always appreciate the help so much, and I like to thank those fantastic people with baked goods. This week, it was "Thank You" cookies.

This week's offering:
Lemon Blossom and Peanut Butter Blossom

I should have taken pictures of the happy recipients, but they were too busy running away and stuffing their faces with cookies so they didn't have to share them with anybody else. And I can appreciate and understand that.

It's really great when people help out other people. Don't forget that people are sometimes actually awesome when they aren't driving you crazy, so help others and let others help you! Sometimes you will be rewarded beyond the warm, fuzzy feeling.