If This Ain't Epic

This blog is over five years in the making...

How is that possible? Well. What you are about to see here, is the result of over five years of hoarding, collecting, searching, and obsessing. Over what?


Some of what you're about to see will be familiar, your old favourites. Some, well, quite frankly I'd be shocked if you'd ever seen.

This collection started many years ago when my brother and I noticed that every month or so, Reese was putting out a new and obscure variation on the famous peanut butter cup. We started to collect, and things clearly got out of hand. This collection has been in a Holt Renfrew bag under my bed for several years now, and it is time to share it with the world...


CLICK HERE to see an itemized photo essay of the entire collection, consisting of forty-five Reese products... Wow.



There Are No Words

There are no excuses for my poor blogging this month. Man. I mean, there ARE excuses! I was moving! It was my birthday! It's been a busy month! Geez, cut me some slack man!

Ok great, I feel better!

Well the month of October has come and almost gone. I moved and changed ages as you know, and now I am using this blog to fill in my ten blogs per month blog quota, and also to ramble a bit so it looks longer, and also to apologize for being such a shit blogstress this month. I'm going to go ahead and promise that next month will be full of interesting blogs all around... Let's see if I can keep that promise.

Also! I totally dropped the ball (yes, again) on my song guessing contest! The results were supposed to be up last Wednesday, the 27th, but now I am extending the contest one more week until the 3rd of November! Get those entries in!

Here are some pretty and colourful things that people sent me for my birthday!

I'd pretty much disregard this blog entry to be honest. Let's just say that last night I had a dream that a girl I went to high school with offered to buy me a pair of Louboutins if I managed to make a different variety of creamed corn each night for one full week. My head is in a scary place. Probably best I don't blog too much.


Til then...



Tomorrow I will officially be older than I am now.

It's a pretty weird thing when you think about it. You can't stop it from happening, you don't really want to stop it from happening. But it is weird all the same.

In honour of my impending ageing, here is a picture of a small child, who might be me when I was a small child...

I'm pretty sure this is the last time I smiled in a photo. Can you blame me? Sand and my Strawberry Shortcake doll? Sigh. Those were the days. Simple and carefree.

Ah well. Happy last day of my first quarter everybody!


Just Another Day At The Office

Some days are more eventful than others. I think we can all agree with that statement. Some days I sit at home, and some days I work for 12 hours on a fake beach beside a sugar factory in the rain with half a dozen girls dressed in tiny shorts.

This tale, is about the latter.

When it rains on a day you are shooting a TV show outside, things become more difficult automatically. The camera can't get wet, the actors can't get wet, the rest of the equipment can't get wet, and nobody likes being wet... And cold.
Common practice on rainy shoot days is to set up tents to protect the precious equipment... But tents... Only protect from water falling DOWNwards. Not water falling UP wards...?

I'm sorry, does that sound crazy? Not when a GEYSER unexpected erupts INSIDE the tent where ALL the equipment is trying to stay dry! WTF!?
The brave crew members fought the geyser and eventually managed to move all the equipment to a safer, less geysery spot. Everything got wet. Including everything. But I've never seen so many people on a crew laugh at once on a rainy day! So that was a plus. I also realized I may have written this blog a little prematurely.

Buddha was largely unimpressed. As per usual.


Building Stuff: The Finale

Close your eyes and think back. Think back to a time when you were reading a blog about building stuff. A blog that had a first part, and then a second part, both about building stuff.

I know that since then, you've probably been holding your breath, wondering what the hell I was building, and what the hell it was for. Wait no longer! The answer is here!

Earlier this summer I was asked to be part of this year's Drawn To Develop photography exhibit and gala. D2D is a fantastic organization that raises money for Street Kids International.

The project was seriously fun. A group of photographers each get a drawing done by a street survivor, and reinterprets the drawing into a photograph. Then the photographs are put on display and auctioned off for the charity! How fun! A really cool way to get involved in a great cause AND do something fun and creative.

So for my photo I decided to build a structure, then put a little kid in it. Obviously having wired the light cage myself, I was fearful. I could only hope I wouldn't blow up the little kid, and guess what... I DIDN'T!

Here is the final structure in the studio, waiting for its debut!

Tried, tested and true! But for how long...

And this is the final product! Complete with little boy who was NOT blown up by me, and hopefully not too traumatized by being trapped in my light cage for 5 minutes. Don't worry, his very kind and understanding parents were present the whole time.

And here is the photo hanging at the exhibit! It sold!


Game On

Who wants to play a game!?

It's been a little while since there has been a game on the blog, and I think it is GAME TIME! Who's with me!

What sparked the idea for this game is that I found a mix CD that I made a few years ago... On this CD, each song is a girl's name. That's it, no other words, just the name.

I think you guys should guess the songs! There are 18 in total! And the winner gets a $10 iTunes gift card!

Here are the rules:

1. Send me an email to blog@caitlincronenberg.com, and write me as many songs as you can think of. Whoever has the most right, wins!

2. You can enter as many times as you'd like (if you keep remember more and more songs) until the deadline, which is two weeks from now, October 27th (which is also my birthday!)

UPDATE: Deadline now changed to November 3rd!

3. You must be following THIS BLOG in order to be eligible!


Hint: Think about many eras and decades, and think slightly obscure at times. Not always though.

Here is a picture of some girls!


Take Your Puppy To Work Day

Seriously guys, today was one of the most rare days at work ever. The kind of day that people can only dream of, but that so rarely become reality. Today, a puppy came to work...

I know what you're thinking, I was doing puppy portraits, but NO! That's why this day was so special! I went into it thinking that it would a fun shoot with a great subject for a great magazine, and I was content with that. I think that's the trick, pretend you aren't thinking about puppies, and somebody will say, "Cait, do you think it would be OK if we brought some puppies to set?" Would that be OK!? Um, DUH!

So the puppies came to set. Oh man. Puppies.

This, is Lady!
But my best friend today, was Bug!
The thing about Bug, is that he's a puppy. And the thing about puppies, is that they don't stay still, because they are too busy being squirmy, perfect, fluffy, adorable, delicious puppies!

I can't EXACTLY tell you whose puppies they were, yet. But if you guessed, I'd tell you if you were right. But the good news is, the puppies AND their very talented owner will be on the cover of FAZE Magazine this fall! That's soon!

Stay tuned!
And please don't tell my cat...


Coach This

By show of hands, how many of you liked high school?
For those of you who are still in high school, I'm sorry. I did not like high school.

The class part was fine. I didn't mind the learning. I didn't even mind that it was an all girls school. I didn't even care that we had to wear uniforms...

I'm going to be straight with you, it was the gym teachers. No offence to those of you who are gym teachers, but gym teachers didn't like me. Wanna know why you don't like me? Probably because you are a gym teacher. I guess as a kid I didn't look like I'd be the star of the field hockey team or something... Long, traumatizing story shot, I am still haunted by memories of gym class.

My high school recently hired me to come to the school to shoot all the "coaches" of all the teams. "Coach" is a fancy word for "gym teacher." I thought to myself, ok, there will probably be ten gym teachers, I can handle this. BUT NO!

OVER THIRTY COACHES! WHAT!? Insane right? Insane. Ok, so some coaches are actually just normal teachers who are getting their kicks by masquerading around as gym teachers trying to see what it feels like to make kids cry... BUT STILL! And they still caused me to feel the exact same way I felt in high school. Small.

Well coaches, now I can draw moustaches on you!

Please note: The opinions expressed in this blog post are based on years of trauma caused by high school in general, and do not necessarily represent the current opinions of the blog author. Gym teachers are fine by me. Ish.

P.S. How do you like me now, bitch!


Life As A House

I'm moving. Man, moving is weird.

The weirdest part is going through all your stuff and having weirdo nostalgia times about all the stuff you are packing and / or giving away. My house is now full of boxes lining the hallways, and there are bags of giveaway stuff and boxes everywhere...

I am some weird stuff. That is all.

P.S. I never saw Life as a House, I only made fun of the trailers...


RandoMonday XV

On this episode of RandoMonday, I'd like to pay tribute to the unsung heroes of the film industry. I am talking, of course, about the pylon.

Pylons, otherwise known as "traffic cones," are often used to warn you of things, or in the case of the film business, to direct you to where you are supposed to go. You can tell they are film pylons because of the unique symbols they are marked with.

They tell you things you really need to know, and draw your attention to other signs you may be interested in reading...

They also glow when you shine light on them, and they are easy to run over in your car!

Thank you pylons, for making my days on set so much easier to find...

Word to the wise though, don't go to any set that doesn't have this sign as well:

Lunch rules.